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PSI Seating Limited (incorporating Pulse Design) is a privately owned company and an established leader in design, manufacture, and sale of office seating.

In line with environmental awareness, PSI recognises that continuing to improve sustainable methods of business is imperative. In order to reduce the company’s environmental footprint and to minimise pollution along the supply chain, we endeavour to ensure that suppliers adhere to programs of sustainability in the environment, compliance in work the place and ethics in company policies.

It is with these values that PSI Seating Ltd approaches the issues of environmental/Sustainable management.


  • PSI will promote environmental awareness among staff by inclusion into the induction programme and post the policy on the Web site.


  • PSI is compliant with current re-cycling legislation, local regulations and standards of recycling for all production and waste materials. 


  • PSI is also engaged in suppliers “take back” schemes where possible.


  • PSI will endeavour to adhere to the policies of the Ethical Trading Initiative by sourcing materials from environmentally and ethically aware companies. 


  • PSI is committed to incorporating environmental considerations into their designs and redesigns during the lifecycle of the product by purchasing components with a lower environmental impact.


  • PSI is committed to reducing energy consumption through the use of a critical delivery schedule and distribution network and an energy saving management schedule of replacement.


  • PSI will endeavour to promote eco-conscious and chlorine-free environmentally friendly materials when and where ever possible and with critical ordering processes, ensures minimum wastage of manufacturing materials.


  • PSI is committed to the reduction of pollution through the evaluation and control of chemical hazards and with the purchase of products which have a low environmental impact. 


  • With consideration of residence needs & requirements, PSI is committed to minimising the impact of business activity on the immediate neighbourhood by minimising disruption and pollution through managing daytime deliveries, collections, alarm testing.


Focusing on environmental compliance and in accordance with Environmental Agency Legislation, PSI 

has successfully reduced waste landfill streams over the past four years.  Our waste management provider guarantees minimum landfill stream by using FDF (Refuse Derived Fuel). Future environmental/Sustainable management will be driven by the company’s “Quality Objectives” procedure as specified in the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

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